DoctorBill wrote:
When I read my e-mail and then delete it, the mail goes into the trash - as I have selected in "Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings". goes into the ISP's mail trash, not mine on my Hard Drive.

The selector in "Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings" doesn't specify
which Trash Folder.

Is there some way to force this issue ?

If I want to go back and re-read or get something I later decide is
needed, I have to wait for the trash message to download (dial-up!).

Were it in MY trash, it would be immediately available.

Is there anything I can do about this ?

DoctorBill over the Hill

if you're using SM Mail, and if you're using pop access, then the trash is on your own computer. Its either in the trash can for your account, or it could be in the trash under Local Folders.

If you're using imap, then the trash is on the email server.

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