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> Subject: Re: Mail Trash Folder - ISP's or Mine (?)
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> OK..here's the thing...I had seen what you describe about the off line 
> settings, but "Local Folders" doesn't show up there - Just my ISP's 
> folders and this News Group.
> The Folders under my ISP are on the ISP's disks.
> If I send something out, it goes in my "Local Folders" SENT Folder.
> If I want to save a message - it goes in my "Local Folders" ...... 
> Folder (I have many set up).

OK...  Here's the deal...

For sent mail, where does the message originate?   On the local
computer.  Since IMAP does not do mail transfer (act as an MTA), the
sent mail can indeed be stored on the local computer.

> "Local Folders" shows up everywhere but the place you describe...?

Yup.  Where does the mail reside?  On the server (for IMAP - unless
you're offline...)  So the TRASH bin should be on the server also.

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