I finally made it!
The problem was the package manager (I'm using linux) wasn't
installing the plugin in the right place!

So I uninstalled  the previous installations and downloaded the tar.gz
package instead of the .deb. I just had to run the installation
program in the shell and manualy type the directory where SM is

Now my question is how come the plugin doesn't install in the right
place? I just followed the instructions from the adobe site and it
didn't work!
Do you think this should be reported to the site or it's just my
computer's fault?

2009/4/18 David E. Ross <nob...@nowhere.not>:
> On 4/18/2009 9:22 AM, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>> Giacomo wrote:
>>> SM keeps telling I need to install flash player plugin to view flash
>>> videos, thus I have already installed it.
>>> I havo no problems with flash videos on firefox.
>>> Any help?
>> close SM, then hunt around your hard drive for a file
>> called:
>> NPSWF32.dll
>> once found, copy it to the plugin directory of the SM
>> program directory
> As reported many times in the past, this is not necessary.  SeaMonkey
> can use various plugins that are not in the SeaMonkey plugins directory.
>  In my setup, Flash, Java, and Micro$oft's Media Player all work just
> fine while their plugins remain in their non-SeaMonkey directories.
> When SeaMonkey reports that Flash is not installed, it's actually the
> Web site making that report.  The server is sniffing for Firefox, not
> Gecko.  No amount of moving the Flash plugin will correct this invalid
> sniffing.  Only changing the UA string (e.g., via PrefBar or User Agent
> Switcher) will correct this until the Web site owner fixes the way the
> server sniffs or (best) creates a Web site that doesn't need sniffing.
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