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I receive and send mail on a desktop PC and on a laptop PC..
Is there a way to merge the Inbox and Sent folders on both PCs , so
that both are current and complete??
Can the same be done for Bookmarks??
are the two computers connect through a network? If so, then why don't
you have one inbox and sent for both? Same with bookmarks?

For bookmarks, on one of the computer, create a directory called
bookmarks. Then from the browser, click on Bookmarks, Manage
Tools, Export. Now, Export your bookmarks to that directory you
Now, from the bookmark manager, click on File, Open, and locate that
bookmark file. Now from the other computer, open the bookmark manager,
and click on File, Open and locate that bookmark file. There, done.
computers sharing the same bookmark file.

For mail, on one computer, from the mail application, click on Edit,
Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, select the account, then under
Server Settings, on the bottom right you will see Local Directory.
the location of this directory. Now, go to the other computer, and do
the same thing, but this time click on the Browse button, and have it
point to the other location. Once you've done that, close and
reopen SM.
Now, both SMs should be using the same accounts.

The problem with this system is that a laptop is intended to be
portable. As long as both machines are connected to the same network,
this is a fine idea, but when the laptop is used at a remote location,
this will no longer work.

What I do is to point both the laptop and the desktop to a third
location, a usb flash drive. All my mail folders are kept on this
drive. When I am at home, the drive is plugged into the desktop, and
available on the network for the laptop.

On the road, I take the usb drive with me, and plug it in to the
laptop. With Mac OSX Leopard, I can use one profile for both home and
remote uses. On Win XP, you will probably need home and away profiles
fro this to work.

Note, I am the only user accessing this data. If you have multiple
users who might be accessing the same data at the same time, this
would not be a very good idea.

I am using XPproSP3
How do you "point" each PC to the flash drive (PC1 F:\ & PC2 E:\) in my

Well, there are a couple of options. You could simply set up a new
profile to be placed on the flash drive. My experience is that is a
little slow.

With an existing profile:

Edit>>Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings>>(accountname)>>Server Settings.

In the local directory field, browse to the location on your flash
drive. Restart SeaMonkey, and it should be there.


This will do it; but it had to build a new Inbox??

Which of the two suggestions are you talking about?

Yes, a new profile will create a new Inbox, which you can overwrite b y copying over the appropriate file.

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