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I noticed that moving between newsgroup messages is much
slower in
SM than it is in TB, is there a way to speed this up? I mean
not super slow but there is a noticeable difference between the
two. Help appreciated,

close SM and remove the file hostperm.1. Reopen SM and try
Did that work?

I can't even find hostperm.1 , it's not in the profile folder,
it be in another folder?

Whoops my bad, well I was looking in the wrong 'profile' folder, I
found the right one this way:

Thanks for your help though :)
Crap, still slower than TB :/

Maybe TB is just... a little faster?
nope, I find SM and TB just as fast

No difference noted as well.

Well one ray of light, the 2.0 Alpha 3 is slightly faster than
1.1.6 :)
(I just installed it and it's working great so far)

and yes, *I* can tell the difference :)

2.0a3 has crashed several times for me over the last month, something
the 1.1.x series never did.

Be patient, it's still an alpha-version ;-)
(though I have to say it doesn't crash often here)

On the whole though, I find it a great improvement.

yeah :-)


Oh not often at all, maybe once or twice a week. Still, its more then
I ever saw with 1.1.x.

Its not enough to cause a problem, and I've been using it as my
default app for quite a while now. I am quite sure the problem will be
solved, and its going to be a great release.


Hmmm are you comparing an alpha version (2.0a3) to a release version
(1.1.x) - isnt that like comparing Grapes and raisins?

I would expect any alpha version to crash, after all, there is a reason
it hasn't been upgraded to beta yet! <grin>

I am indeed, which is the point of testing. ;)

And it is a favorable comparison!

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