On 04/22/2009 10:21 PM, Philip Chee wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:46:47 -0400, Leonidas Jones wrote:
>> Martin Feitag wrote:
>>> Be patient, it's still an alpha-version ;-)
>>> (though I have to say it doesn't crash often here)
>> Oh not often at all, maybe once or twice a week.  Still, its more then I 
>> ever saw with 1.1.x.
> I do hope that you guys running 2.0a/b have turned on the crash reporter
> AND are filing crash bugs. Because if you aren't nobody is going to fix
> those bugs (unless it's in code shared with either Thunderbird or
> Firefox and someone there has already filed some crash bugs) because the
> developers aren't aware of those.
> Also it's better to file a crash bug and have it marked as a duplicate
> than to suffer in silence in case nobody else has filed a bug.
> Phil

Explain please why it is necessary to *also* file a bug in addition to
the crash report. For example, my 2.0b1pre crashed about an hour ago.
The crash reporter files this:


Crash-stats (http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/) search shows all of these
for a libc-2.7.so crash in 2.0b1pre:


[SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre Crash Report [@ libc-2.7...@0x73463 ]]

Isn't there sufficient information in the crash reports (including raw
dumps) to work on the issues? The crash report shows the build, branch,
version, OS version, OS, reason (SIGSEGV in this case), signature, etc.
  Further, when submitting the crash report I've always ticked the box
to include my email address so that I can be contacted for additional
information/testing. However I yet to receive an email back regarding
any of the 32 crash reports that I've sent.

Note: it would also be *very* helpful if the 'submitted' file actually
contained the full url to the crash report... it gets to be a pain
pasting in http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/ then going back
and pasting in '121cf58e-7098-4d62-8511-35d5c2090423' (mind you that you
need to leave off the preceeding 'bp-' in
Crash ID: bp-121cf58e-7098-4d62-8511-35d5c2090423
for the url to work.

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