POP, The server is Exim4 and dovecote

I don't expect to do this often.

I have one partner who keeps her messages on the sever for a long time, as a sort of safety mechanism. She downloads them constantly.

I was setting up a new computer for her and downloading the messages happened as a part of setting up a new account.

As others have noted it isn't a big deal and doesn't affect getting messages.but I wondered is anyone had ever seen this before.

Chris Ilias wrote:
On 22/04/09 12:57 PM, Rob Steinmetz wrote:

Rob Steinmetz wrote:
That is you download more than 39,897 messages the counter runs

It reads;

Downloading 1 of 40767
Downloading 1 of 40766
Downloading 1 of 40765

Until you get to 38,897 then it reads properly, except the maximum
value is 39,897

I wonder if this is a server thing?

POP or IMAP? In other words, would you say that the amount of messages you expect to download is in the tens of thousands?

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