Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:
furthermore, there is a 2 gig limit for windows.
Perhaps that is the reason for the problem

I don't think so since each message is transferred and then appended to the folder(file) individually. How would the file size limit affect the first email added to a folder? I don't think the size of the download is ever calculated or transmitted to the client.

The whole this is more of a curiosity than anything.

BTW thank you for pointing out the files size limit, I do hope that is is going to be removed, There seems no sensible reason to have a limit not imposed by the filessystem. If large files cause performance problems the user should have to option of accepting the hit or administering the system.

That's a memory limit per application, not the file limit on the drive.
I don't think SM stores all mails into RAM at a time...?

no, each folder has a 2 gig limit:

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