That's nothing.
I am running over 8GB and have all my mails since 1998 and never lost
anything on Linux.

Here is the output of my $ du -H
8.1G    /cxbro3sb.slt

Before that, using NT and Win95/98 I lost mails about once every 6
months due to Windows going corrupt dumping check files all over the drive.

Although there is a horde of irritating non-working things in
Mozilla/Seamonkey, the entire Netscape/Mozilla/Seamonkey migration path
I followed never sacrificed my mail and that is worth gold compared to
the bugs and irritations.

Outlook users I know, regularly lose their mail, approximately every 2
years or shorter.

Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
thats over 2,350,00kb  or 2,300mb or slightly more than 2 gigabytes

Um, please bottom post or intersperse in these newsgroups (or mailing lists), thank you for your consideration in this regard

And the object/intent of my message was NOT discussing how many email you can store safely in Thunderbird, but how many you can download at ONE time!

You may have 8gb of mail built up since 1998, but you don't download them all at one time, and the question of the OP was why the count went backwards when you did.

Your comment is superfleous
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