[24.04.2009 18:59]    Ā»Donald W. LongĀ« wrote:
I noticed that the address book is a bit limited compared to outlook.
I do not see categories or a way to group your addresses.

Is the development staff looking at adding this type of feature, it
sure would make it much easer to manage your address book.  I have
over 200 addresses and just using the search does not work, given I
like to put my addresses in categories, thus I can just click on a
category and I only see these.

If the search allowed you to search the customs this might work also.

Donald W. Long
Have a look here:
That is a very helpful extension for the TB/AB. It enables the 'hidden' categories field for entry to the card as well as to the card listing. Not that fancy as with MS OL but goes into the right direction ...
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