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On 05/02/09 18:58, Michael Gordon wrote:
DoctorBill replied On 5/2/2009 7:27 PM

My set file list is huge 100's of messages....

I want to go back and find some messages with some data in them,
but I don't remember when, to whom, or the title of the messages.
It was a while back.

I'm not goofy (well a little bit, maybe) - it is just that I never
thought I'd be wanting that data ever again.

Can I run a search thru the "Sent Files" folder somehow looking for
certain keywords?

You should be able to search messages in any folder you select,
including the sent folder.

It will take some work on your part to set this up in your mail account.
   To guide you along select your account sent folder, then select the
View drop down box and from that menu select "Customize".  On the
Customize dialog box click the Help button and read all about creating a
custom view and how to search within that view.  You can search the
message body for the phrase you need.

Ummm, why not just use Tools ->  Search Messages?

In the 'Search for messages in' dropdown, you can select your Sent
folder. In the Match entry, you can use the drop-down to select what
part of the message you want to search, including the Subject, the
 From line, the message body, etc.

The body? How do you do that? I only have subject and sender here. :-/
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