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Martin Feitag wrote:
Martin Feitag schrieb:
Mark Hansen schrieb:
In the 'Search for messages in' dropdown, you can select your Sent
folder. In the Match entry, you can use the drop-down to select what
part of the message you want to search, including the Subject, the
   From line, the message body, etc.

The body? How do you do that? I only have subject and sender here. :-/
*Argh* forget it, re-selected a newsgroup by accident ;-)
Martin, in your SM-2.0a3, Can you mouse-right-click on the selected
newsgroup-folder, and select the Search Messages entry, or optionally
select the Message-window's Top-toolbar menu "Tools/Search Messages",
and when a "Search Messages" window comes-up, click on the "Subject"
drop-down menu, if there is an entry at the bottom marked "Customise",
then clicking on that should bring-up a small panel where you can
type-in "Body" without the inverted-commas,
and then you should be able to search  newsgroup message-bodies that
have been-downloaded for offline use, but to-date, it won't yet search
the news-server bodies.
HTH. Barry.

 From - Tue

I'm afraid this doesn't work for me that way. I added like you suggested but SM dosn't find anything. But your screenshot made me "suspicious" of the checkbox to search through the local System. That way all headers are already present in the dropdown-box. So no more need to add new headers for body etc.
Thanks for clarification :-)
kind regards

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