Gerald Ross schrieb:
Daniel wrote:
Gerald Ross wrote:
I have tried to dl the new Seamonkey alpha in the past couple of days.
It seems to download fine for about 95% then aborts. Tried from two
sites and even tried with IE, no dice.

Any advice?  I did download the zipped file but don't know what to do
with it. It unzips to all the files, but does not seem to have an
Gerald, last time I used the zip file, it just installed into a
functional version of SM, wherever I put the program.

UnZip it to some place, then run the file called SeaMonkey and you
should be up and running.

Tried that. Sure enough it opened right up, but it was version 1.1.11.
My old version. So it must not work to do this. I didn't want to
replace the old version, but to have both to play with.

You have to close the old version ;-)
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