On Tue, 05 May 2009 08:03:11 +0200, Martin Feitag wrote:
> Gerald Ross schrieb:
>> Daniel wrote:
>>> Gerald Ross wrote:
>>>> I have tried to dl the new Seamonkey alpha in the past couple of days.
>>>> It seems to download fine for about 95% then aborts. Tried from two
>>>> sites and even tried with IE, no dice.
>>>> Any advice?  I did download the zipped file but don't know what to do
>>>> with it. It unzips to all the files, but does not seem to have an
>>>> installer.
>>> Gerald, last time I used the zip file, it just installed into a
>>> functional version of SM, wherever I put the program.
>>> UnZip it to some place, then run the file called SeaMonkey and you
>>> should be up and running.
>>> Daniel
>> Tried that. Sure enough it opened right up, but it was version 1.1.11.
>> My old version. So it must not work to do this. I didn't want to
>> replace the old version, but to have both to play with.
> You have to close the old version ;-)

Or run SM 2.0a3 with the -no-remote switch e.g.

seamonkey.exe -no-remote


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