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On 5/6/2009 8:20 AM, DoctorBill wrote:
Fairly often now, I can Google something and after a delay, the page is totally blank - empty !

This is strange for Google as it always seemed quite rapid and complete.

Would this be happening because of my system SM 1.1 on dialup - or - something new with the Internet and Google ?

Doing a "reload" brings up the page, however.

I understand that the Internet is slowing down because of umpteen gozillion Chinese are now "surfing" and 1 out of 10 doing their damndest to hack into everything American.

Anyway - pages are starting to come up blank after the obligate Dialup wait.

Any thoughts?


This is usually a problem with the Web server.  If reloading did not
help, then I would say it might also be a problem with the Web page

I have noticed, as has everyone else I know, that the ENTIRE Internet has slowed to a crawl.

Even with our DSL at the College where I teach, the Internet is often slower than Hell.

Those damned Chinese poundin' them Keys !

(Rhymes!)....(I have to blame someone!).

DoctorBill over the Hill
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