>>Charles Milton Ling wrote:
>>>[...]after I gave AdBlock Plus another chance[...]
>>>after I shut down the computer and restart it,
>>>everything is just fine until I want to start SM.
>>>All I get is the splash screen.  The only solution
>>>(which works every time, but is annoying)
>>>is to kill the process and reinstall SM.  Then everything works.
>JeffM wrote:
>>Thought about nuking your default profile?
Charles Milton Ling wrote:
>Haven't.  Would you recommend that?
Well, when you overwrite all the executables with a reinstall,
all that is left is the profile(s)--which are in another location.

>(Do I then lose all my bookmarks etc.?)
I did ASSuME you've got all the bits of your profile(s)
backed up to external media.
...and bookmarks.html is the easiest to restore of any of it.
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