Michael Gordon wrote:
JeffM replied On 5/6/2009 9:09 PM

Charles Milton Ling wrote:
[...]after I gave AdBlock Plus another chance[...]
after I shut down the computer and restart it,
everything is just fine until I want to start SM.
All I get is the splash screen.  The only solution
(which works every time, but is annoying)
is to kill the process and reinstall SM.  Then everything works.

JeffM wrote:
Thought about nuking your default profile?

Charles Milton Ling wrote:
Haven't.  Would you recommend that?

Well, when you overwrite all the executables with a reinstall,
all that is left is the profile(s)--which are in another location.

(Do I then lose all my bookmarks etc.?)

I did ASSuME you've got all the bits of your profile(s)
backed up to external media.
...and bookmarks.html is the easiest to restore of any of it.

You don't want to delete your active Profile, you want to create a new profile that is totally unique from the current one. In Windows go to Start/All Programs/SeaMonkey and in the drop down menu you should see an option named Profile Manager. Click on Profile Manager and create a brand new profile with a unique name. Select the option to always use the new Profile to open SeaMonkey.

Try it out with the new profile and if all goes well you can copy your old Bookmarks file from the old profile into the new profile. As a safety net before copying the old files into the new profile rename the new file by adding NEW into the filename. In the event you copy a corrupted file and it again trashes SeaMonkey you can remove the bad file and use the known good file by renaming back to its original name.


Stranger and stranger...
I get the drop-down menu with the Profile Manager option, but clicking on it does exactly nothing.

Sorry, but it's true!
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