On 05/08/09 15:18, horst39 wrote:
> Suddenly since a few days on some sites (which I have used hundreds of 
> times before without problems) I suddenly get following message:
> Incorrect Response
> This document cannot be displayed unless you install the Personal 
> Security Manager (PSM). Download and install PSM and try again, or 
> contact your system administrator.
> The site responded to the network request in an unexpected way and the 
> browser cannot continue.
> It seems that PSM is a program needed for Netscape 6 and Communicator 4.
> But I'm using SM 1.1.16 !
> The above message appears in following sites:
> http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en (at the end of the page)
> https://addons.mozilla.org/seamonkey/
> Does this happen to me only?
> What do you suggest me to do?
> Horst

I didn't have problems at either of those sites. I'm running SeaMonkey
1.1.16 on Linux (CentOS 5.3).

I would suspect there's a problem with your profile. I think you should
try creating a test profile and see if the problem persists when using

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