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On 05/09/2009 01:51 AM, horst39 wrote:

I think it's a good bet that's it.  Horst, once you check your
firewall settings, you can test whether SM is using the PSM by going to

Thank you all for your help.
It is NOT a firewall but a profile issue.
This means that this weekend will be spent for recreating a new profile (I have many mail and news accounts and personalized extensions!)
And weather report tells it will be a beautiful weekend!

Before moving everything, I'd fire up the test profile, then in
about:config check for 'security' and compare the settngs (taking
screenshots is probably the easiest). Could be that you inadvertently
changed a setting from default & changing it back may resolve the issue.

You are right: there are about 10 additional "security" in my new profile. But it is not easy to understand what each line means, even looking at the Mozilla KB (not all are described here). Further the impossibility to print or copy the about:config doesn't simplify the problem. Therefore I started replacing the "chrome" directory with the backup of a week ago, and it worked!
I will never know why the problem happened, but at least it has been solved!
Thank you all for your suggestions.
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