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On 05/08/2009 03:18 PM, horst39 wrote:
Suddenly since a few days on some sites (which I have used hundreds
of times before without problems) I suddenly get following message:

Incorrect Response
This document cannot be displayed unless you install the Personal Security Manager (PSM). Download and install PSM and try again, or contact your system administrator.
The site responded to the network request in an unexpected way and
the browser cannot continue.
Are you running ZoneAlarm or some other software firewall?

Possibly this is the problem:

On Windows, some software firewalls may block SeaMonkey from properly
accessing the Internet. If SeaMonkey is not working properly, check
that your firewall settings allows SeaMonkey to connect to the net.
If your receive a warning from ZoneAlarm that SeaMonkey attempts to
set itself up as a local server, it is due to SeaMonkey communicating
with Personal Security Manager (PSM) which is required to access
secure Web and mail servers, and you should allow SeaMonkey access.

I think it's a good bet that's it.  Horst, once you check your
firewall settings, you can test whether SM is using the PSM by going to

I did not have any problem, but trying http://browserspy.dk/psm.php
give me:
Personal Security Manager version       2.4
Algorithms available    None or unable to detect
Algorithms available detailed   None or unable to detect!

Strange ... isn't it ?
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