Adam Jimerson wrote:
I am new to this list and I grabbed the latest stable release of Seamonkey because I am wanting to learn PHP and I used Seamonkey before liked it so I figured I would grab it and use the composer program but when I tried to do a simple page it stripped the PHP code from the page.

It's a known bug that Composer strips out anything it doesn't like.

Unfortunately, Composer development has stalled long ago. The person who used to be responsible for it forked it and created nVU, the development of which has also stalled. Then Kompozer was born, which is essentially nVU + a load of patches to fix bugs.

Recently, a person named kaze has come forth, and announced that he will port the Kompozer code back to Mozilla. This work will take some time, though, and will be done for the version after SeaMonkey 2.0.

In summary, use Kompozer for now. :)
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