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> (I'm not seeing the OP, so I'll respond here.)
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>>Adam Jimerson wrote:
>>>when I tried to do a simple page it stripped the PHP code from the page.
> As Benoit notes, the state of maintainence
> on the Mozilla-bloodline editors is not remarkable
> as they're pretty much 1-man operations.
> I was poking around just the other day and I found this:
> As KDE4 has been ported to pretty much everything but Win9x,
> the *Linux-only* and "Windows...aint gonna fly" statements there
> are outdated.

Yea I use Quanta Plus as my main for web development on my main machine but 
I was looking for something for my mac.  I can deal with Komposer until the 
Composer has support that I am looking for.

"We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason 
than only freedom can make security more secure."  Karl Popper

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