Rick Merrill wrote:
>Seamonkey 1.1.16 & IE 8 (for those sites that require it)
>on Windows xp sp3
>Click on SM address bar and drag link to desktop.
>Link picks up the icon for IE;
>Click on link and IE opens it.
>Uninstall & re-install does not a thing.
Well at least you finally tried something.
What I want to know is
*Why ASK for advice if you won't TAKE the advice?*

NOW the questions are **WHAT** was it that you reinstalled
and are you **still** being a horse's ass WRT IE8?

>Has anyone else had this happen?
For the THIRD time: Yes, others have the problem.

>How can one make "Internet Shortcut" (s) open with SM?
Fix your screwed-up Windoze Registry.

...and your problems with the behavior of Windoze Update
and the behavior of Internet Exploder
are really subjects for a group with MICROSOFT in its name.

In addition, I would think that this far into the 21st Century
people would be aware of the default behavior of M$
and would pay CLOSE attention
to what "critical updates" from those lying bastards might do
and they would approach those with the upmost in caution.
For other views on this, scroll up from that point

...then to find a possible solution, scroll down
and reread JD's previous response to you in this group.
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