Serge Popper wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Serge Popper schrieb:
I run Seamonkey for both mail and browsing.  On certain URL's the
original design of the page is not reproduced faithfully by Seamonkey.
One of those URL's is American Express.  When opening a monthly
statement the figures are shown under the wrong columns and the
statement becomes impossible to read.  American Express says they
support Firefox.
I'd like to know what the two components in Seamonkey are.  Is the mail
side a version of Firefox?

Mail shares it's code from Thunderbird.
The Browsers shares code with Firefox.

Is there anything I can do in Seamonkey so that the columns and figures
are presented as written?

Besides the posted suggestions to notify about broken websites, you could try to install SM2.0alpha for a test. (it will import your profile to a new one so you old SM remains "as is") You should notify them anyway about there stupid Firefox sniffing and tell them to sniff for Gecko instead of Firefox as already told here.

Thanks, Martin, I'll pass it along to them.

using SM 1.1.16 Iwin xp pro)and use AX as well, which is paid online
I have no problem "seeing" the amounts in the correct columns
(wish they would disappear altogether, but that's another issue)

The only issue I have is (with AX) printing the confirmation page, after payment is made, it tyically prints BLANK, I need to use THEIR printing process/request rather than just using my printing option.

maybe NOT paying their bill until its fixed will prompt them to fix the issue.
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