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On 05/25/2009 01:58 PM, Serge Popper wrote:
I run Seamonkey for both mail and browsing. On certain URL's the original design of the page is not reproduced faithfully by Seamonkey. One of those URL's is American Express. When opening a monthly statement the figures are shown under the wrong columns and the statement becomes impossible to read. American Express says they support Firefox. I'd like to know what the two components in Seamonkey are. Is the mail side a version of Firefox? Is there anything I can do in Seamonkey so that the columns and figures are presented as written? I actually have to use Internet Explorer to read my American Express Statements.

Two points:

1. You need to advise: 1) which version of SeaMonkey, and 2) which OS
you are having the problem on. While some folks here like to think that
they are mind readers, such isn't necessarily the case.

2. Have you tried the page with FireFox, and if so: 1) which version, an
2) what were the results.

Congrats on still having an Amex in this economy...
Thanks for the congrats. I've had the thing since 1955 and they treat me with lots of respect when I call. The blue card still gives me 5% off on gas, food and prescription drugs - after I spend $6,000 with them. As 90% of my living costs go on the card, I have no probs spending the $6K

I do not have FireFox installed. Amex says they support Firefox. That's why I was wondering if the browser in Seamonkey is one they support?

I have Seamonkey 1.1.16 installed and run Windows XP, home.

Thanks for your help.
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