David E. Ross wrote:
On 5/25/2009 1:58 PM, Serge Popper wrote:
I run Seamonkey for both mail and browsing. On certain URL's the original design of the page is not reproduced faithfully by Seamonkey. One of those URL's is American Express. When opening a monthly statement the figures are shown under the wrong columns and the statement becomes impossible to read. American Express says they support Firefox. I'd like to know what the two components in Seamonkey are. Is the mail side a version of Firefox? Is there anything I can do in Seamonkey so that the columns and figures are presented as written? I actually have to use Internet Explorer to read my American Express Statements.

"American Express says they support Firefox."  Their Web server may be
attempting to detect what browser you are using.  This is called
"sniffing".  In too many cases, servers sniff for "Firefox" when they
should instead sniff for "Gecko".  That's because the component that
requests and displays the Web page is the Mozilla Gecko rendering
engine, which is used by both Firefox and SeaMonkey (although SeaMonkey
uses a version of Gecko that is one step behind Firefox).  See
<http://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Sardisson/Gecko_is_Gecko> for details.

One way to test my conjecture that sniffing for "Firefox" is involved is
to make the server think you are indeed using Firefox.  This is called
"spoofing".  There are two major ways to do this.

You can install an extension such as PrefBar or UserAgentSwitcher from
Mozdev.  Use the installed extension to spoof Firefox.

You can change your user agent string manually.  (See
<http://www.rossde.com/internet/intr_gloss.html#agent> for a definition
and example of "user agent".)  Search in MozillaZine at
<http://www.mozillazine.org/> for advice on doing this.

FYI: I use a late model iMac with OSx 10.5.7, and SeaMonkey 1.1.16.
My choices when in my User Agent menu bar are:

  Mozilla 1.7.13 Lin
  MS 4.7 Mac
  NS 6.2 Lin
  SM 1.0.8 Lin
  FireFox Lin and

Anybody have the idea that most of the programmers are using Linux?
Why would you think that?
Anybody with a Mac might as well forget it, and so far as anyone sniffing for Gecko, forget it!

keith whaley ~ a Mac user for 22+ years...

If either of these solves your problem, then please (1) report it as a
bug and (2) notify American Express.  To report a bug, go to the
American Express site; then, on the SeaMonkey menu bar, select [Help >
Report Broken Web Site].  The best way to notify American Express would
be a letter (postal mail) to the CEO; minimize (but don't eliminate)
technical jargon and include a reference to the
<http://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Sardisson/Gecko_is_Gecko> Web site.

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