On 5/31/2009 7:47 PM, Tom Pamin wrote:
> Various times while clicking on web pages or emails I get a black circle 
> with a line thru it instead of the regular cursor arrow. If I click 
> again I do get the regular cursor. I replaced my mouse and still get the 
> circle sometimes. I've also changed my mouse drivers. Any idea what is 
> going on, and if it's a Seamonkey issue or not?

The circle with a line indicates you are trying to do something illegal
with your cursor.  I get that sometimes if I don't have the cursor
positioned properly for what I'm trying to do.  For example, I see it if
my cursor is not in the proper position in the address area when I try
to drag-and-drop the address of the current page into my bookmarks.  I
also see it if I attempt to paste into a read-only window (when I meant
to copy).  This is a Windows thing, not a browser thing.

David E. Ross

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