David Wilkinson wrote:
David Wilkinson wrote:
I have used Netscape/Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey for many years, and for mail and newsgroups I always both display and compose messages in plain text. I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with HTML in mail or newsgroups.

However, in SeaMonkey 2 we have RSS feeds in the mail/newsgroup part of SeaMonkey. Great! However, surely one will almost always want to view an RSS feed as HTML, and the setting for message display cannot be configured on a per "server" or per "feed" basis.

The setting for message composition can be set on a per server basis, so why not the message display also?

Am I missing something here?

Is nobody else bothered by this?

It always seemed odd to me that you could not configure the default message display type on a per server basis, but now that some of the "servers" are RSS feeds it is extremely inconvenient (unless you always use HTML in mail and news).

Is it this way in Thunderbird also?

Why is HTML 'okay' in RSS but not in email or news? I view everything in HTML (always have) and have no problems.
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