Hartmut Figge wrote:
Hartmut Figge:
Moz Champion (Dan):

Why is HTML 'okay' in RSS but not in email or news? I view everything in
HTML (always have) and have no problems.

Do you see then the ^^^^ exactly under the 'okay'? ;)

Well, i do. But in HTML messages i doubt it.


I use SeaMonkey 1.1.16, and a Mac, with OS 10.5.7.

I have my View/ Message Body As/ Original HTML, and in neither message was the ^^^^ directly under the word "only."

In Harmut's [hour] 1204 and 1206 messages of today, the carets are under the word 'is' and the first two letters of HTML.

I see that in this automatically quoted message (above) it is almost under 'okay' but shifted to the left one space. For those who wonder why, it'ss because the next line that contains only the 4 carets only has two 'greater than' symbols to lead the line off. The previous line has three, and the next line has three, but for some reason the caret line only has two.

It's almost impossible to get letters and characters on two successive lines (or more) to match up, one above the other. Recall how when many folks make simple 'images' from ascii text, and expect them to come out visually correct. Far and away the majority of the time they show up with one or more lines shifted with respect to the rest.

It's pretty much a losing game.

keith whaley
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