On 03/06/09 9:21 AM, David Wilkinson wrote:
I have used Netscape/Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey for many years, and for
mail and newsgroups I always both display and compose messages in plain
text. I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with HTML in mail or

However, in SeaMonkey 2 we have RSS feeds in the mail/newsgroup part of
SeaMonkey. Great! However, surely one will almost always want to view an
RSS feed as HTML, and the setting for message display cannot be
configured on a per "server" or per "feed" basis.

The setting for message composition can be set on a per server basis, so
why not the message display also?

Am I missing something here?

Try this:
1. In the SeaMonkey browser, enter the following URL in the Location bar, and press <Enter>:
You may get a warning page (I haven't tried SM2). Bypass it, to get to the about:config page.

2. In the resulting page, search for the preference |rss.display.html_as|.

3. Double-click on |rss.display.html_as|, and set the value to |0|.

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