Chris Ilias wrote:
Try this:
1. In the SeaMonkey browser, enter the following URL in the Location bar, and press <Enter>:
You may get a warning page (I haven't tried SM2). Bypass it, to get to the about:config page.

2. In the resulting page, search for the preference |rss.display.html_as|.

3. Double-click on |rss.display.html_as|, and set the value to |0|.


This would be great, but I do not find this rss.display.html_as entry in about:config for SM2 Alpha 3.

And I still think it should be possible to configure the default message display format on a per server basis in the Account Settings, just as one can for the composition format.

Especially for RSS feeds, but I can imagine a situation where one might want to always display a particular mail or news account as HTML.

David Wilkinson
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