Mark Hansen wrote:
On 06/10/09 15:39, Ray_Net wrote:
I was composing a new mail from scratch ....
Suddently i cannot type anything in the mail (my keyboard is ok, but nothing appeared on the screen). I noticed in the right bottom part a sort of horizontal "barber pole".

The only thing i can do is to
1. Copy all the already typed text
2. Click on the upper right button(the red with a white cross)
    Doing this SM inform me that he was in a process to send the mail
    - so he offer me to cancel this operation - i do it
    - so the compose window is closed.
3. Click on "Compose" button to start a new mail.
4. Copy the clipboard text - and all goes well...

(a possible cause was the fact that in the composed text i had done a copy/paste from the SM browser of a page with a table containing some pictures(not very useful, but presents as an empty square) )

Any idea ?

Is it possible that you accidentally hit Ctrl+Enter, which is the keyboard
shortcut used to Send the message? Check the following setting:

Edit -> Preferences -> Composition, then under General, do you have the
following preference selected:

  "Confirm when using keyboard shortcut to send message"

If not, then you can use Ctrl+Enter to send and it would not prompt you
with an "Are you sure you want to send the message" dialog.

The option ""Confirm when using keyboard shortcut to send message"" is set. So i did not use "Ctrl+Enter" because SM did not prompt me something. The information SM give me about "sending a mail" is when i close the compose window.
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