DoctorBill schrieb:
I live in a rural area and have to put up with crappy Dial-Up.
Please don't anyone tell me to get a cable or satellite as I cannot
afford such a luxury.

Welcome in da club :-/

Works fine in SM1.1.16

If this is SM 1.1, would upgrading to whatever is Seamonkey's highest
version help ?

SM 1.1 has been working great until a few weeks ago.

Have noticed the Internet loading slower than a snail even on DSL where
I work...


As it has been working and I'm running a SM1.1.16 on Win2k successfully all over the time, I'd suggest you try with a new profile (just create a second one besides your existing one with the profile manager, it won't hurt ;-)), a new Seamonky installation, a new windows-installation (in that order, stopping at a point where it works ;-) )

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