DoctorBill wrote:

I live in a rural area and have to put up with crappy Dial-Up.
Please don't anyone tell me to get a cable or satellite as I cannot afford such a luxury.

For some time now my SM 1.1 has been giving me more and more of these messages and bombing out: (click on the Alkaspace link for a screen shot)


Once this happens, Seamonkey is gone. I have to reload it and start all over.

Is this Seamonkey's problem or Windows XP causing this?

I used to get this occasionally with Mozilla before I upgraded (I'm using WinXP Pro SP3), haven't yet seen it with SeaMonkey 1.1.16 (installed May 31, knock wood). With Mozilla, reloading and clearing the cache before returning to the page usually solved it. You might try that before going through any serious changes.

Happening often now. Last one was on Netflix's web site, the one before on a Real Estate web site looking at a listing:


No problem here, page loads quickly and without incident.

If this is SM 1.1, would upgrading to whatever is Seamonkey's highest version help ?

SM 1.1 has been working great until a few weeks ago.

Have noticed the Internet loading slower than a snail even on DSL where I work...

Probably not your DSL or your OS, if the Internet functions normally with a competing browser (whose name shall not be spoken here)...

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