Iqra Javed schrieb:
Dear All,

I am working with SeaMonkey-1.1.12 . Problem i am facing is i need to count
words on page. I have searched a plug in but its working with Mozilla but
not with SeaMonkey. In Mozilla i placed the plug in in "extensions" folder
and then closed all pages and reopened. It was installed in Mozilla. And on
status bar it shows the number of words of text i selected from page. It was
working well.

I need to have same functionality in SeaMonkey. If someone can suggest me
with any such plug in or utility which works with SeaMonkey, i would be

Seems to be German only but it's not that hard to use, as you can read the number without problems without understanding the language ;-) Just select a text, right-click on it and then select the new entry in the context-menu. (it basically just says "xx words in the selected text" then, where xx is the number)

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