Iqra Javed wrote:
Dear All,

I am working with SeaMonkey-1.1.12 . Problem i am facing is i need to count
words on page. I have searched a plug in but its working with Mozilla but
not with SeaMonkey. In Mozilla i placed the plug in in "extensions" folder
and then closed all pages and reopened. It was installed in Mozilla. And on
status bar it shows the number of words of text i selected from page. It was
working well.

I need to have same functionality in SeaMonkey. If someone can suggest me
with any such plug in or utility which works with SeaMonkey, i would be

If you find a working version for SeaMonkey-2.0b1pre, let me know!

If you are thinking of WordCountPlus, it's Firefox-only. I got the Add-on Manager to install WC+ via a bit of RDF-file editing, but that's as far as I got. No menus, nothing.

Darn, It's late and I forgot to test it in a fresh profile! Could be other extensions are preventing it from working. (Lightning-calendar-extension currently-blocks the address-book printing-composition function in SeaMonkey-2.0b1pre).

OK, I just reinstalled WC+ into a fresh-profile without success. Nothing, Nada!

I think the blocker may be that we don't have exactly the same codebase as Firefox, and also, SeaMonkey already has a pretty-full compliment of (Cough! Better!) inbuilt-text-utilities, search and composing-engines that Firefox does not require, which I suspect may contribute to humbugging WordCountPlus's function and menus in SeaMonkey. Come to think of it, the right-click mouse-menus would get pretty-crowded, when all the competing-extensions are each demanding their permanent-share of the right-click-menu's user-space, especially whenever anything is highlighted (Download-Helper's extensive right-click-mouse-menus come to immediate-mind).

Just in case you want to use the extension in Firefox, and haven't perused the pages already, here are the links for WordCountPlus.

If you find a workable alternative for SeaMonkey, please let the rest of us know of it, via this newsgroup. Barry.

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