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Is there a way to DELETE messages in TRASH, other than 1 by 1 I
don't wanna delete the entire folder, just a date range, or after
 doing a sort, trash that belongs to a certain individual

Assuming in the absence of any evidence that you're using
SeaMonkey, click the first message to select it, hold down the
SHIFT key and click the last message. Then hit the Del key. Do
exactly as you would to delete files in Windows Explorer.

That selects all lines between the two clicks. Useful for deleting a
large number of contiguous lines.

CTRL-click works, too, to select  noncontiguous files.

Actually, with my SeaMonkey v.1.1.16 (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U;
Intel Mac OS X...) I find that the command for selecting
non-contiguous lines is Command-Click, not Control-Click.

A reasonable and familiar conversion between the Windows and Mac worlds.

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