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Win XP and SM 1.1.16. I've been having a lot of problems logging in to various sites, one being my bank site, another is ebay!, etc...almost any site that requires a login gives me problems, usually involving booting me back to the login screen over and over and over again. Any ideas? Something with cookies?

Most likely.

Have you changed your cookie preferences? For example, if your policy now rejects cookies that you previously accepted, you'll be shut out. Or if you started enforcing a policy that was previously theoretical.

Edit | Preferences | Cookie Acceptance Policy: Allow cookies based on privacy settings (View Privacy Settings)

Actually, I have never changed any settings in the privacy settings as I just can't seem to "wrap my head around" how all that works, even. I usually just have my Cookie Acceptance Policy on Block Cookies and then use the Tools menu cookie manager on a site by site basis to allow cookies from the sites that I want to allow. Maybe this is where I'm messing up somehow.....? Maybe that doesn't work for some reason?

Hmmm...this seems weird. I set the Cookie Acceptance Policy to Allow Cookies for the Originating Website Only and the Cookie Retention Policy to Accept Cookies Normally and now am able to get into my ebay account! Also I see the Tools menu Cookie Manager automatically reset to Use Default Cookie Permissions. Is this normal behaviour? Am I misunderstanding how the Tools menu cookie manager settings are supposed to work? What is going on?!?? It would sure be nice if the Tools menu cookie manager would work the way it appears to be meant to work, it's such a pain to have to dig into that preferences panel every time I want to log in to a site!
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