Le 26 juin 2009, Cedar a écrit :
> Hmmm...this seems weird.  I set the Cookie Acceptance Policy to Allow Cookies
> for the Originating Website Only and the Cookie Retention Policy to Accept
> Cookies Normally and now am able to get into my ebay account!  Also I see the
> Tools menu Cookie Manager automatically reset to Use Default Cookie
> Permissions.   Is this normal behaviour?

Sometimes a website at address www.foo.com will file cookies under derived 
addresses like bar.foo.com. SM considers them as different servers. Try 
this: set Retention Policy to Ask for each cookie. Then the dialog will 
let you see that address. If you don't do that you won't be able to set 
policy for such addresses, because you won't land on a page with that 
address unless the cookie is set up!

Ebay (ab)uses such multiple addresses. Look at this excerpt from my 
hostperm.1 file:
host    cookie  8       myworld.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       jeux-video.listings.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       signin.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       cgi6.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       contact.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       cgi3.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       informatique-pda.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       listings.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       sofe.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       jeux-video.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       frame.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       my.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       rover.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       secureportal.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       scgi.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       feedback.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       www.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       payments.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       shiptrack.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       search.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       pages.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       maison-jardin.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       promo.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       jeux-video.search.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       cgi.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       hub.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       offer.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       catalog.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       shop.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       stores.ebay.fr
host    cookie  2       search.avis-membres.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       cgi4.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       bmsgs.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       search-desc.ebay.fr
host    cookie  8       cgi1.ebay.fr

What you can do is edit your hostperm.1, remove all lines with 
???.ebay.[com/co.uk/fr/whatyoulike], and put a single line like
host    cookie  8       ebay.[com/etc.]
(These spaces are single tabs in fact.)

Do this while SM is not running. This setting will apply to all derived 
addresses. "8" is for allowing session cookies, "1" for mere allowing, "2" 
for blocking.

Hope this helps.

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