Tobias Fischer wrote, On 07/02/2009 11:24 AM:

I have not seen an filed Bugreport for this, and I was not able to
reproduce this follow your steps to reproduce.

Some Questions: Wich IMAP-Server you are using?
What are your settings for Synchronisatzion&  Storage?
Is your connection to the IMAP-Server really stable?


Ok, good points Tobias,
I need to do more testing....
My main IMAP acount is on a old HP-UX running (I think !!) Cyrus IMAP (probably quite old too..), so it might be server-side related. My connection to this server is either LAN or VPN-over-Internet and I saw this in LAN mode. Synchronization and storage are set to keep msgs on the server, with my main folders being locally synch'ed.
Last point: I always use SM in "on-line" mode... never off-line !

Thanks for the hints.... anything else would be greatly appreciated ! thanks .

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