Tobias Fischer wrote, On 07/02/2009 03:15 PM:

Hmm, whats the name of your IMAP-Accounts Sent-Folder, did it match the
name of the Sent-Folder from your Server? Maybe there was something like
an "~" to much in the name, there are some Articles in mozillazines KB
about IMAP-Folder-Names.

Btw., when I try to follow your steps to reproduce, SeaMonkey crashed
twice [@ nsPurpleBuffer::Put(nsISupports*)], bp-IDs:

when I compose a new Message and type into the To: Filed. I have never
seen crashes like this before in SeaMonkey.


Hi Tobias,
I seem to be in a more stable situation now with an updated IMAP daemon, with however the occasional glitch mentioned previously (i.e. inability to copy to the "Sent" folder.... strange.. Same from my Windows or my Linux partition of my Laptop...

Let's close the topic, thankns for the hints....
The original problem is solved, at the cost of an occasional "glitch"... Well, life is full of trade-offs !!
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