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Win2Kpro on both PCs..
How can the Mail and Bookmarks be easily synchronized on both PCs, so
that each will have all of the same early and late messages when they
are connected together occasionally??
Use any synchronisation software of your choice or write a simple
batch-file which copies bookmarks.html and the mailbox-files from one
profile to the corresponding profile directory of the other PC.

For profile information have a look here:
Especially that one:

If there are still questions left after reading that feel free to ask.


sry the second link was meant to be:

I still can't find how to merge or sync the individual mail messages from one mail folder to another.. Sync programs will merge complete mail files of messages but not the individual mail messages from one mail file to another.. For example, PC1 has 5 mail messages dated 7/1 while PC2 has 5 mail messages dated 7/2; how do I sync so both PCs have 10 mail messages dated 7/1 & 7/2 ??
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