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RE:  Testing Thunderbird 3.0b3 starting Thursday July 9th 2009

Can you verify that we can test Thunderbird 3 without overwriting or losing our 
existing TBird 2 access or installation, in case we need to revert back to 
TBird 2 for some reason.

We should know that answer beforehand.

Thank you,

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>Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 12:06:12 +0200
>From: Ludovic Hirlimann <>
>Subject: Testing Thunderbird 3.0b3 starting this Thursday July 9th
>       2009
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>To make sure that Thunderbird 3.0 b3 ships with the highest quality. To 
>make sure that nightly users did not make any important regressions, the 
>Quality assurance team of Thunderbird is organizing a Full Functional 
>Test of the builds that will become beta 3 itself.
>We will use Litmus[1] and bugzilla to track the testing. Litmus will be 
>used to know what to test and how as it contains our testcase database. 
>Results will be stored in both Litmus and Bugzilla. When a test fails 
>please make sure to :
>1) file a bug in bugzilla
>2)mark the bugs blocking bug 502621 [3] which is our tracking bug for 
>this testing effort.
>3)reference that bug in litmus - when submitting results
>  I Read the litmus documentation
>  II download the builds from [5]
>  III point your browser to the test-run for Thunderbird 3.0 b3 [2], log in
>  i chose an area you would like to test
>  ii execute a test - report the results
>  iii if the test failed make sure to enter a bug in bugzilla and mark 
>that bug blocking 502621
>If you have any question point your browser here [4].... and fire your 
>question away - note that it might takes some time before you get the 
>Ludovic - for the Thunderbird QA team
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