Bret Busby schrieb:

Previously, when the Mozilla suite existed, or, when it was Netscape, a
user was able to add search engines, and, change the default search engine.

Due to misconduct by google, I want to replace google as the default
search engine, with yahoo, in seamonkey, but I cannot find how to add a
search engine that is not included by seamonkey.

Opera already includes yahoo as a search engine that can be used for

I am not sure whether Firefox allows for earch engines to be added to
its included search engines.

Please advise how a search engine that is not included in the search
engines available through the search facility in seamonkey, can be
added, so that the default search engine can be changed from google to

Thank you in anticipation.

Just choose one with an Apple before the link (not an A9!)
Afterwards it can be chosen in the Preferences like the other Searchengines listed there already.


PS: in about:config filter for that might come up with interesting things for you too...
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