On Jul 11, 3:03 am, Jim J <jazzmas...@comcast.net> wrote:
> I just upgraded to SM 1.1.17 and installed Adblock Plus. It seemed to
> work fine until I installed a couple other add-ons. Now, ABP (I think)
> causes a non-interactive (can't even copy the text) error/debug message
> to take up the bottom third of the browser window, and the ABP button &
> menu entry are missing.

Yep, that's SeaMonkey messing up extension registry. Adblock Plus
1.0.2 tries to work around these issues as much as possible - but
really, there isn't so much you can do. Adblock Plus 1.1 (coming out
today) will no longer support SeaMonkey 1.1. I sincerely recommend
installing SeaMonkey 2.0b1 when it comes out (hopefully in a week) and
giving it a try - despite the beta status. It should have far less
issues than the current release, especially if you are using

Wladimir Palant, Adblock Plus developer
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