Daniel wrote:
Jim J wrote:
Mostly, I'm just interested in knowing how to uninstall Adblock and _all_ other add-ons/plug-ins so that I can start with a clean slate.

Jim, I think you could "start with a clean slate" by deleting SeaMonkey and the delete anything left over in its program folders, then go to your profile location (*Before* you delete SeaMonkey have a look at Edit->Mail&Newsgroups Account Settings, select your mail account and have a look at the bottom of the Server Settings page for your profile location) and delete anything in your Chrome folder. This should totally remove any add-on bits and pieces.

Then do a re-installation of SeaMonkey.



Thanks for the info, but I just went through that, due to a Windoze crash in which Seamonkey lost track of all my e-mail accounts (I did finally get them back), and am hoping to avoid doing it again. Nevertheless, if I have to do it again in order to get Adblock Plus back, I will!
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