Keith Whaley schrieb:
> Since I started using SM for email, a LONG time ago, every message I
> send to someone triggers a copy being placed in my Sent folder.
> It can be an original message or one in answer to an email.
> In the last month or so, an occasional message I send does NOT end up in
> my Sent folder, but a copy DOES show up in my Inbox.
> Something's amiss.
> I've noticed, I suppose over the same time frame, messages I've sent to
> other lists end up being copied to my Inbox, instead of showing up in
> their own folders. They allow me to move them into their target folders,
> but they ought to be going there directly, and many of them don't.
> Can I reset something to make this happen once again?

Have you lost/deleted filters for that?

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