Keith Whaley wrote:
Since I started using SM for email, a LONG time ago, every message I send to someone triggers a copy being placed in my Sent folder.
It can be an original message or one in answer to an email.

In the last month or so, an occasional message I send does NOT end up in my Sent folder, but a copy DOES show up in my Inbox.

Something's amiss.

I've noticed, I suppose over the same time frame, messages I've sent to other lists end up being copied to my Inbox, instead of showing up in their own folders. They allow me to move them into their target folders, but they ought to be going there directly, and many of them don't.

Can I reset something to make this happen once again?

I'm taking a guess here, but I'm thinking that the emails that are being copied to your Inbox are when you Reply or ReplyAll to an existing email that someone sent to you. Would that be true?

In the "Copies & Folders" email preferences, where you set up that you would like to have Sent emails put in your 'Sent' folder, there is a checkbox below that 'essentially' says, "If the message I'm sending is a reply to someone else's message, put the reply in the folder where the original message resided."

Therefore, when you Reply to an email in your Inbox, instead of your message being copied into your Sent folder, it dumps the copy in your Inbox. I personally dislike this feature. It overrides your settings in the "Sent" preferences above. I think a better function would be to continue to follow the 'Sent' folder rules declared above, but then 'also' place a second copy in your Inbox if that box is checked. That way, you can (1) keep all your Sent emails together when you need to search for what you have sent, and (2) keep all your pertinent replies in line with others comments when you sort by thread (which is good for tracking issues with lots of replies and re-replies).

With the current operation, if your searching your 'Sent' folder months later if you sent something out, are you going to remember that it was a reply and that it's stored in your Inbox? No, you'll likely just think the email was never sent.

I've been asking for this feature to be altered in the forums for some time, but so far, it still works the old way. I think it would be easy to offer the option to those who want it. If only I was a decent programmer, I would try to fix it myself.

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