On 07/31/09 10:26, Keith Whaley wrote:
> Since I started using SM for email, a LONG time ago, every message I 
> send to someone triggers a copy being placed in my Sent folder.
> It can be an original message or one in answer to an email.
> In the last month or so, an occasional message I send does NOT end up in 
> my Sent folder, but a copy DOES show up in my Inbox.

I wonder if two different things are happening here. If the message
you sent is some way should have been delivered to you (for example,
you were on the Cc: or Bcc: list, or it went to a list service where
you are subscribed), then it will be sent to you and end up in your
Inbox (unless filtered to go elsewhere).

However, if you send one message and see the sent copy in your Sent
folder, then send another message (using the same account and Identity),
then it seems something is wrong somewhere.

Have you tried compacting the Sent folder? How big is it?

Are you using the same Account and Identity for each case?

> Something's amiss.
> I've noticed, I suppose over the same time frame, messages I've sent to 
> other lists end up being copied to my Inbox, instead of showing up in 
> their own folders. They allow me to move them into their target folders, 
> but they ought to be going there directly, and many of them don't.
> Can I reset something to make this happen once again?
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