Broadback wrote:

Surely the easiest way is to start composing an email, click on spell.
On the bottom of the window opened  click on "Language", this then gives
you the option to download more dictionaries. From the web page it sends
you download your required one then load it straight into SeaMonkey.
Next time you open Mail and select  spell you can select the language of
your choice. this selection will remain until you wish to change it.

So you're saying I must use only one dictionary at a time, and cannot proof a message like this one:

        안뇽하세요? 갤러거폴이세요.
        I'd like to compose a multilingual message including
        several scripts:
        На берегу пустынных волн
        Стоял /он/, дум великих полн
        S'il y avait le temps, je pourrais s'apprendre à faire cela.
        But it seems impossible with SeaMonkey's spell checker.


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